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Archived 2011 News from website

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10.01.2011 - First Summer Festivals Confirmed!

As well as playing a one-off show at London's Camden Underworld with Dutch Death Metallers Hail Of Bullets in March, The Rotted have been confirmed for Bloodstock Open Air (UK), Deathfeast Open Air (DE) and Obscene Extreme Festival (CZ). Check the tours section for details of these and other shows TBC.

20.01.2011 - The Rotted enter the studio!
The Rotted have just entered Parlour Studios to record the follow up to 2008's Get Dead Or Die Trying. Production duties will once again be handled by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, Evile etc). Says vocalist Ben McCrow: "So this is where I give it the obligatory "This is our best/heaviest/brutalist/most epic album yet blah blah bollocks etc etc" is it!? Well, that's for you to decide, I already know what I think, what I will say now is that this album will take no fucking prisoners, and that fans of Napalm Death, Entombed, Motorhead and Wolfbrigade are in for a real treat!" The as yet untitled album is set for release mid/late 2011.

16.02.2011 - Paypal now accepted!The Rotted's Big Cartel store has re-opened for business, so fans without credit/debit cards can now buy via Paypal again! Grab yourselves a copy of the Anarchogram EP if you haven't already, or if you came to any shows in 2010 but missed out on the official tour shirts, this will be your last chance to get one, as once they're gone, they're gone! All dates played in 2010 are featured on the backprint. Check em out here:

05.07.2011 - The Rotted confirmed for Eindhoven Metal Meeting

The Rotted will be appearing at this December's Eindhoven Metal Meeting in The Netherlands. Check for for more info.

07.07.2011 - Tim re-visits his gore past and chops off the top of  his finger!

Yesterday Wednesday 6th July, Tim Carley, guitarist with The  Rotted, severed the top of his finger when a 180kg flight case fell on it from  a van (not a 60kg case as was originally reported). Tim received treatment in hospital to remove the damaged parts of the finger including the nail and the torn flesh. The doctors then sewed the remaining parts back together. The incident has left the top of Tim's bone unattached to the rest of his finger, which the doctors have said in time will heal.

In a statement Tim said, "The doctors have told me it will take at least 10 weeks to heal. When I asked her if I could still play the guitar, she replied 'I've heard your records, and to be honest I can't see this making much difference'. The rest of the guys in the band call me Timmy Iommi because of the riffs I wrote for the new album. Today, I got one step closer to walking in the great mans shoes. Unlike half the musicians in Metal magazines I'm not a moaning little girl, so I'm playing Obscene Extreme, Dong Open Air and Bloodstock with 3 fucking fingers and there's nothing that fate, karma and all the other bastards that mock me can do about it. The power of d-beats, blast beats and heavy metal shall never die!"

The accident happened at 11am and by 7pm, Tim was back home and rehearsing for Obscene Extreme Festival which the band will appear at as scheduled this Saturday.

Check the video below, warning contains some unpleasent photos!

Despite doctors orders Tim and The Rotted will still be playing as scheduled at Obscene Extreme, Dong Openair and Bloodstock festivals in the coming weeks.

08.08.2011 - The Rotted sign to Candlelight Records

We have signed with Candlelight Records. See what Tim has to say about this below. January & February 2011 saw us enter Parlour Studios with Russ Russell once again at the producers helm to record the second full length album, a must for fans of Napalm Death, Entombed, Wolfbrigade, Motorhead, Terrorizer, Dismember, Impaled Nazarene, Marduk, Discharge, GBH, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath, Cro-Mags & Agnostic Front. Prepare for the aggro!!!

17.08.2011 - THE ROTTED to hook up with LOCK-UP and DRIPBACK for a string of Xmas shows.
We will join the mighty Lock-Up and Dripback for the following gigs:

21.12.2011 - Nottingham - Rescue Rooms
22.12.2011 - London - Underworld
23.12.2011 - Colchester - Arts Centre

Tim has this to say: "We played straight before Lock-Up at the Obscene Extreme Festival in July and it got very messy backstage. We only just survived one show together, I don't know how we are going to make it through three shows! Ben has requested a heroes burial at sea and I want my ashes chucked in the Thames. This is gonna be a very very brutal Christmas for one and all"

3.08.2011 - THE ROTTED to join Evile and Warlord UK at Terrorizer sponsored Grindhouse gig!

30.09.2011 - Birmingham - The Asylum
Prepare for a night of old school death metal and old school thrash!
For more info -

26.08.2011 - Bloodstock reviews and videos online!

Loads of great reviews of the Bloodstock 2011 show online now!
Artwork for the new album, as drawn by our very own bass playing Minister Of The Sinister, The Reverend M. Trudgill revealed today, release date set and a track by track account of the new album 'Ad Nauseam' posted online.

In true heavy metal style the album will be unleashed this Halloween (31st October 2011) by Candlelight Records.

Check out the 'Ad Nauseam' Track-By-Track video below for all the info, hear the tunes and see the artwork!

30.08.2011 - Album artwork and a track by track video play back from the new album‏ released!

12.09.2011 - The Rotted confirmed for Candlelight Records Festivals

The Rotted will join Orange Goblin, Anaal Nathrakh, Alter Of Plagues, October File, Xerath, Winterfylleth, Falloch and Eastern Front for 2 Candlelight Records shows in November 2011.

12th November 2011 - The Underworld - London
13th November 2011 - Moho - Manchester

16.09.2011 - The End is Nigh! AD NAUSEAM preorders available from today!

The End is Nigh! Preorders for AD NAUSEAM available now! Special fan packages available in limited numbers (including CD+Tshirt+Embroidered Patch + Plectrums). Prices include free postage in UK and very small postage rates to rest of world. Order before Halloween release date to get the special package! Buy direct from the band and support the insolent bastards!

03.10.2011 - 'Apathy In The UK' single available on iTunes now!

The Rotted's first ever single is now available for download on iTunes! Here's what guitarist Tim Carley had to say: "'Apathy In The UK' is a stand alone track on the new album and different from what we've done before. We chose it as the single because it is a FUCK YOU to all the scencesters, youtube warriors, corporate venues and illegal downloaders that having been ruining metal for the last few years. The music is a brutal and catchy piece of old school UK Grind and the the lyrics talk about what makes Metal great! The gigs and festivals, DIY fanzines, good bands, decent venues and we even reference some '90s London Metal clubs like 'Braindead' and 'The Devils Church'. The places that Dissection, At The Gates, Anathema, Cradle Of Filth, Primordial, Akercocke and Bal Sagoth played some of their first UK shows and where we as musicians first cut our teeth. Ben's lyrics say it better than I can... "Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash or Punk, Hardcore, Grindcore, Doom or Sludge, To us it was one, DIY was law, It was the underground, And we supported it proud!"

In an ideal world we would have loved to release this on coloured vinyl, or limited edition gatefold sleeve or flexi disc but sadly those days are gone. Our label did that thing where they hold their hand in the air and rub their thumb against their index and middle finger, which we've been told is management speak for "too expensive". So its gonna be digital only, but there is exclusive artwork to download and not only do you get the cost of the single knocked off the album when its released you also get our cover of Motorhead's 'Iron Fist' (taken from the Anarchogram EP) for free too!

'Apathy In the UK' is a call to arms, it's for everyone out there that wants to keep Metal alive! Get off Youtubby, Faceache and Myspazz. Go to a gig, have a beer with the bands, start a fanzine, pick up a guitar and write the heaviest riff anyone has ever heard, buy a CD or piece of Vinyl and support the artists and most importantly wear your metal shirt with pride or get the fuck out of the metal scene!

18.11.2011 - Hammerheart Records to release Apathy In The UK on 7" Vinyl single

Hammerheart Records are to release The Rotted’s ‘Apathy In The UK' single on limited edition 7-Inch vinyl. The track is backed with ‘Drink Myself To Death’ and a cover of  Motörhead’s ‘Iron Fist’, (both originally taken from the Anarchogram EP) and will be available with or without a limited edition white T-shirt featuring the  cover artwork, this time created by vocalist Ben McCrow.

 Says McCrow:  “After seeing our rant about Metalheads not trying hard enough in this day and age, our friends at Hammerheart Records have offered to release ‘Apathy In The UK’ as a collectible 7-Inch vinyl single. A song containing the lyrics “Coloured vinyl, gatefold sleeves, limited editions not mp3s” was clearly crying out to be released in this format, so Hammerheart have offered to put their money where their mouths are and will be releasing The Rotted’s first ever slab of wax! Who knows, if it’s successful maybe we’ll be able to sort out a special gatefold, coloured vinyl version of the full album! It’s aimed at people who are as  passionate about collecting rarities and special releases as we are, people who feel their music collection should be more than just a load of files on a computer. All you die-hards, collectors and vinyl nuts out there, we salute you!”

19.12.2011 - First summer festival appearance of 2012 announced

We're pleased to announce that we'll be returning to Summer Breeze Festival in Germany next Summer. This will be our second appearance as The Rotted. Other bands already confirmed include Amon Amarth, Immortal, Behemoth, Napalm Death, Sick Of It All, Anaal Nathrakh, Asphyx, Crowbar and loads more. Check the festival's website here for updates.

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